Each year, the Joseph W. Nunn Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to deserving recipients who are eager to further their education. Through many volunteer hours, and countless donations, JWNSF gives wonderful members of society a better chance at future success! A round of applause to all of our past recipients!

  • Category I: Scholar Athlete from Stamford High School who demonstrates academic and social excellence on and off the field. This person exemplifies the traits that made Joe such an aspiring leader in his personal and educational life. This grant is worth $5,000.
  • Category II: High School students from one of Stamford’s high schools who strive to improve their communities and personal situations all while maintaining at least a 2.5 weighted GPA. Students who are able to maintain 3.2 and above weighted GPA’s are able to find scholarships with much more ease than those with lower averages. Joe himself was never a straight-A student, and we want to make sure that other students, like Joe, have the opportunities to go further with their education. This grand is worth $2,000.
  • Category III: Adults who are already in the workforce, gainfully employed, who want to go back to school to further their education. This can include credentialing and training not necessarily part of a traditional university program. This grant is worth $1,500.
  • Category IV: A PLTI alumni, individual, or a non-profit group who is providing a valuable service and project benefiting the Stamford community. This grant is worth $1,500.

2017 Scholarships ($15,000)

  • Category I: Nicholas Laveris (Stamford High School) was accepted to James Madison University
  • Category II: Mariel Barocas (Westhill High School) was accepted to Yale University
  • Category II: Raeann Schott (Stamford High School) was accepted to Coastal Carolina University
  • Category III: Angie Murphy (City of Stamford) was accepted into an advanced business course for further development and training.
  • Category IV: Jennifer Kelly accepted the award on behalf of Kids Helping Kids
  • Category IV: Michelle Lappas accepted the award on behalf of Mayors Youth Employment Program
  • Category IV: Regan Allan accepted the award on behalf of PLTI’s PEP program

2016 Scholarships ($13,000)

  • Category I: Christopher Taylor (Stamford High School) was accepted to Lehigh University
  • Category II: Tariq Crumbley (Academy of Information Technology and Engineering) was accepted to Western Connecticut State University
  • Category II: Cassandra Herrera (Westhill High School) was accepted to University of Bridgeport
  • Category II: Khamara Murray (Stamford High School) was accepted to Norwalk Community College
  • Category IV: Joannie Merrell accepted the award on behalf of First Presbyterian Church’s After School Program
  • Category IV: Valerie Monaghan accepted the award on behalf of NAMI Southwest CT

2015 Scholarships ($11,000)

  • Category I: Michael Nunziante (Stamford High School) was accepted to Middlebury College
  • Category II: Allison Mary Weiner (King Low Heywood Thomas), was accepted to Haverford College
  • Category II: Nicole Labkoff (Stamford High School) was accepted to American University
  • Category IV: Ana Gallegos accepted the award on behalf of Campamento Manuela
  • Category IV: Ron Miller accepted the award on behalf of Family Day/Health & Safety Fair

2014 Scholarships ($12,500)

  • Pierre Dens Fils (Stamford High School), Category I
  • Reinaldo Buitron (Westhill High School), Category II
  • Anisa Fortt (Stamford High School), Category II
  • Tashi Sanchez-Llaury (AITE), Category III
  • Keiah Yarborough-Minott (Rippowam HS class of 1998) for Project/Read Challenge-Summer 2014, Category IV

2012 Scholarships ($12,000)

  • Benjamin Pierre-Saint
  • Elizabeth Flynn
  • Valerie J. Myers
  • Sunaina Hooja
  • Juli Harris for Stone Soup

2011 Scholarships ($11,500)

  • Zachary Lyman
  • Christian Cavaliere
  • Morgan Temple
  • Miriam Matos
  • Judith Martin for Starfish Connection

2010 Scholarships ($12,000)

  • Daniel White
  • Gabrille Abouzeide
  • Martha Masiarz
  • Regan Allen
  • Wanda Dunmore

2009 Scholarships ($13,000)

  • Casey Glass
  • Donna Dix for Domus Foundation
  • Douglas Taylor for Fatherhood Initiative of Stamford
  • Heather Wilson
  • Rajat Hooja
  • Tucker Blandford

2008 Scholarships

  • Alana Pietrantuon
  • Andrew Burlin
  • Cecelia Medyna
  • Jacqueline Ceci
  • Kelly Olsen
  • Meg Van Name
  • Robert Truglia

2007 Scholarships

  • Brian Merle for Skate Board Park
  • Christine Carroll
  • Jillian Masi
  • Juan Arbelaez