Our Mission Statement: Through the granting of scholarships and awards, we inspire, encourage and support Stamford students in their pursuit of college, graduate and vocational education.

Recipient Winners

Each year, the Joseph W. Nunn Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to deserving recipients who are eager to further their education. Through many volunteer hours, and countless donations, JWNSF gives wonderful members of society a better chance at future success! A round of applause to all of our past recipients!

  • Category I: Scholar Athlete from Stamford High School who demonstrates academic and social excellence on and off the field. This person exemplifies the traits that made Joe such an aspiring leader in his personal and educational life. This grant is worth $5,000.
  • Category II: High School students from one of Stamford’s high schools who strive to improve their communities and personal situations all while maintaining at least a 2.5 weighted GPA. Students who are able to maintain 3.2 and above weighted GPA’s are able to find scholarships with much more ease than those with lower averages. Joe himself was never a straight-A student, and we want to make sure that other students, like Joe, have the opportunities to go further with their education. This grant is worth $2,000.
  • Category III: Adults who are already in the workforce, gainfully employed, who want to go back to school to further their education. This can include credentialing and training not necessarily part of a traditional university program. This grant is worth $1,500.
  • Category IV: A PLTI alumni, individual, or a non-profit group who is providing a valuable service and project benefiting the Stamford community. This grant is worth $1,500.
  • Brian Merle for Skate Board Park
  • Christine Carroll
  • Jillian Masi
  • Juan Arbelaez